Custom Packaging Solutions

California Packaging


Welcome to California Packaging, a manufacturer and provider of custom packaging solutions using a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, wood, and metal.


Are you looking for samples of a new laminated structure for your custom pouches that will improve your flexible packaging performance?


Are you looking for virgin wet strength liners, high performance liners, 100% recycled liners, michelman coated liners, curtain coated liners, etc. for your corrugated carton requirements?


Do you require litho lamination capabilities for your display cartons that require a 60” wide label, or an 80” label?


Can you fabricate folding cartons out of clear vinyl with 4 color process printing?


Do you require spot litho laminations where the label on your corrugated display is only 2” wide?


Does your business mandate shipments on plastic pallets or the use of reusable plastic corrugated bins?


Can you provide wood and metal displays for use in retail drug and department stores?


Can you provide D.O.D certification and does your packaging meet military specifications?


What about polybags with electrostatic barriers and/or foil bags with similar characteristics?


Can you cut foam cushioning out of EPS, and how does that material compare to foam characteristics out of ethafoam, polyester, or polyether?


Can you help us with our injection molding requirements?


Are you competitive in high volume folding cartons?


Does your company provide warehousing, split billing, and split shipping to assist customers in their long range production requirements?


Can you put a machine on our floor to erect and seal our cartons?


At California Packaging, we are trained to assist our customers in all their packaging needs.  We also can answer “Yes” to all of the above questions, and many more.


We care about costs, about budgets, about timeliness of deliveries and about long term growth.


We take pride in our designs, our people, and in our ability to solve your packaging problems in an efficient and cost effective manner.


At California Packaging, we “CARE” about you, the customer.

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